Expatriate Law

As wonderful as expatriation is, for many expatriates it remains a source of difficult tax issues. No matter where you are in the world, what your profession is, why you are going abroad or how close you still are to your home country, tax issues remain. Our team of tax experts approved by the tax authorities is at your side for all your tax issues that you may encounter as an expatriate / non-resident.

Tax law is everywhere:

  • Whether it is to accompany you in the life of your company still existing in France, or on the contrary for the creation of a company in France while you are currently abroad.
  • Whether it is to manage or help you with your tax declarations in your country of origin or in your new country because of a property, assets or income or to enable you to avoid double taxation between your host country and your country of origin.
  • Whether it is to assist you in your dealings with the tax authorities at all stages of your life.
  • Whether it is for consultation or litigation with a tax authority.
Expatriate tax law